xbox website is so terrible. Just show me my kids accounts already - what a terrible experience trying to find things.

This is insane. Thousands of people giving out their password reset security question responses for “first car”. I can’t believe how bad this is.

Son’s report card has one special that says, “continues to make progress on making good choices.” Wow. That’s impressive language. I will start using that on others.

Need a few cocktails. That was so tense!That was for a 3 week!!! civil trial. Sent home. Not gonna happen for me. So happy. Signing off! #juryduty

Oh joy. That’s it. Out of time. Everybody go home. I’m done. I can’t believe how happy I am! #juryduty #overanddone

Descending into other jurors talking about how they would run this process if they were in charge. To solve is human? Or just idol banter? #juryduty #waiting

The hallway guards get mightly cranky when you walk the hallway eating peanut M&Ms out of your coat pocket. #juryduty #boredoutofmymind #waiting

Reading Zeynep Tufekci in Wired: “The most effective forms of censorship today involve meddling with trust and attention, not muzzling speech itself.” Yep! #juryduty #waitingroom

Maybe I should start up a side rant about daytime TV and the inane crap being broadcast and watched by the zombie hive? #juryduty #goinginsane #waitinggame

And it’s lunch time. But I can’t go home. Still need to come back after lunch with an anticipated interview. Oh boy! #juryduty

Going through jury interviews. Everyone in the room got one of two trials but it’s a lot of people. Video said CT has right to interview jurors in the constitution. Interesting. #juryduty